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Valhalla Associates was created as a response to the growing demand from hotel developers to combine residential products with hotel operations and hereby bringing new business flows and diversifying risk in their development portfolios.


Valhalla Associates offers experienced talent from across the hospitality and real estate industries who specialize in mixed-use hotels and resorts where the hotel operation is integrated with various types of residential products.


Our unique business approach allows our client's not only to access high-quality consulting resources but also to move seamlessly from the advisory to the implementation and management phases through the same supplier relationship. 



Our philosophy


We believe in

  • consultants with significant operational experience who can deliver not only excellent advise but also can implement the recommendations presented to our clients;

  • in associating ourselves with consultants who represent the highest levels of business ethics, work ethos and personal integrity in the industry; and

  • in a rigorous project management approach to deliver a high-quality and consistent service to our clients.



Our industry


Luxury mixed-use hotels and resorts

Over the last decade a growing number of hotel developments have successfully launched various residential products integrated with the traditional hotel business. Many of these hospitality developments are managed by professional hotel operators such as Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Fairmont, The Ritz-Carlton etc. Larger mixed-use developments also include additional business generators such as golf courses, spas, convention centers, retail outlets etc. obtaining economic benefits and synergies.


Developer/investor benefits

The benefits that developers experience from integrating residential products within mixed-use hotels and resorts include:

  • Higher profitability of the overall development project and operation

  • Diversification of revenue streams

  • Generation of early project cash flows

  • Stability of operational income streams and more efficient cost management

  • More compelling investment scenario for capital providers


Resort residential product types

Residential products within mixed-use hotels and resorts can be structured in four main product categories:


1. Private Ownership

The traditional residential real estate product where the residence is used solely by the owner or his/her immediate family. The owner benefits from hospitality services provided by the hotel operator, who is also maintaining the common areas of the residential real estate.


2. Investment Ownership

Like in Private Ownership, the residence is purchased by the buyer in its entirety but is furnished and managed by the hotel operator as a part of the hotel inventory. The owner can have access to personal use of his/her residence through a reservation system and the remaining time is rented out by the hotel operator, who shares a part of the rental income with the owner.


3. Fractional Ownership and Private Residence Clubs

Fractional Ownership and Private Residence Clubs are resort real estate products where each residence is acquired by 4 to 12 different owners. Each owner can access their property through a specialized reservations system which shares fairly the use of the residence between the owners. An optional rental programme is often available through the hotel operator who manages the residence as a hotel apartment or villa under their hospitality brand. Well-know Fractional Ownership and Private Residence Club brands include The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Grand Residences by Marriott, Fairmont Heritage Place and Four Seasons Residence Club.


4. Vacation Ownership

In Vacation Ownership each residential unit is sold in weekly intervals i.e. 50-52 owners per residence. The intervals can be sold with different types of reservation systems such as fixed or floating weeks, fixed or floating residence or in a points based reservation scheme. Almost all Vacation Ownership products are affiliated to an exchange programme or form a part of a branded hospitality group's vacation clubs such as Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacation Club or Club Wyndham.

About Valhalla Associates

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